The Ponyo Pattern Personality Quiz!

The Ponyo Pattern Personality Quiz!

The Ponyo Pattern Personality Quiz!

Pondering over which Ponyo pattern would best suit your horse? Whether you’ve got your eye on our turnout rugstravel boots or fleece coolers, we’ve got you covered with our horse personality quiz. 

Simply decide which of the scenarios below sounds most like your equine partner in crime, then check the results to see which of our fabulous 2022 patterns best reflects their personality. 

1, Out hacking with friends, you spot a spooky plastic bag caught in the hedge. What’s your horse’s reaction?

A - Snorts loudly and trots on the spot, just to make sure everyone else has seen it too 

B - Sidles past with one eye on the bag, then just when you think the danger has passed he leaps sideways, just to catch you out

C - Arches her neck, pricks her ears and makes sure to flick her toes as you pass 

D - He’s genuinely terrified, but puts his brave pants on and walks by with a quiver, because he knows that’ll make you happy

E - Eyes the bag calmly, then leads the rest of the group past with the utmost confidence and composure 

2, You arrive at the field gate to catch your horse. Which one is yours?

A - Right in the middle of the pack, neighing shrilly while weaving in and out of the other horses as they approach

B - Swiftly slipping behind a convenient tree to stuff in as much grass as possible, while you search the field for him

C - Positioning herself at the highest point of the field, eyeing you while letting the wind ripple through her luscious mane 

D - Charging to the gate, nuzzling your arm, eager to greet you before anyone else gets there

E - Trotting over to the gate the moment you call, helpfully avoiding all the mud and puddles 

3, You’re turning your horse out in the field. What’s the first thing they do?

A - Strains against the headcollar while whinnying frantically to the other horses already in the field, then setting off towards them at a rate of knots

B - Slips his headcollar as you turn to shut the gate, leaving you clutching a loose leadrope as he sets off in search of the best patch of grass

C - Snorts loudly and dramatically as soon as she is freed, before showing off her best extended trot across the field

D - Stays close and continues to nuzzle your pocket for any last minute treats until you have to shoo him away

E - Stands like a rock while you take off the headcollar, then settles down to some chilled munching

4, It’s show day. You leave your horse tethered to the lorry with a haynet. When you return, what are they up to?

A - You’ve been able to hear her across the showground the entire time you’ve been gone, neighing loudly at anyone who might listen

B - He’s gone. You sigh, scan the showground, and spot him in the distance with his nose in the window of the judge’s car.

C - Sneaking coy looks and batting her eyelashes at the handsome stallion two lorries down, while snatching mouthfuls of hay when he’s not looking

D - Engrossed in the haynet until he spots you from afar, then nickers madly until you return and give him some attention

E - She’s halfway through the haynet, oblivious to anything else going on

5, You receive your dressage test sheet. What are the judge’s comments about your horse?

A - “Enthusiastic horse. Needs to focus more on you, less on others outside the ring”

B - There are no comments. You were eliminated after he dropped his shoulder and dumped you at A.

C - “Stunning horse, very flashy. Aim for more accuracy”

D - “What a lovely, willing horse – such a trier”

E - “A joy to judge. Charlotte Dujardin should watch out”

6, You arrive at the yard first thing in the morning to feed and muck out. What do you find in your horse’s stable?

A - Your horse is nose to nose with her neighbour through the bars, while keeping half an eye on any other horse that might pass the door

B - A scene of devastation: the water bucket kicked over, haynet on the floor, rugs twisted, and stains up the wall

C - At first glance, the stable looks immaculate. Then you notice your horse has strategically  covered all her droppings with the bedding

D - Your horse has been hanging over the stable door from the moment you arrived at the yard, greeting you enthusiastically

E - Your horse has made mucking out easy for you, arranging all the droppings neatly into one corner, and eating every scrap of hay to prevent any wastage

The results are in - which Ponyo rug best suits your horse’s personality?

Mostly As: Juicy Watermelon - your horse is a social butterfly, always wanting to know what’s going on with every other horse, and always makes their presence known.

Mostly Bs: Dinky Dino - your horse is a real cheeky monster, always up to no good but remaining lovable, most of the time…

Mostly Cs: Oh My Mermaid - the ultimate fancy pants, your horse is always looking pristine and glamorous, and don’t they know it.

Mostly Ds: Rainbow Hearts - your horse simply adores everyone, most of all you, and would happily spend every moment of the day with you

Mostly Es: Blunicorns - if the perfect horse exists, it’s yours. Always easy and a joy to be around, making you wonder why other horse owners ever complain about anything…

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