Rug & Travel Boot Size Guide

How do I measure my horse?

In the UK, we measure our rugs in feet, and measure the Body Length - from the centre of the horse's chest, round their side and go right up to where the rug should end, at the farthest back point of the hind quarters or parallel with the tail. It is especially important with turnout rugs that the rugs come sufficiently far back, so as to keep the whole horse dry and clean. 

Once you've measured your horse, check it against the size chart below to find the best size. We use the Body Length measurement in the UK (chest to back of hind quarters), but in Europe horse owners often the Back Seam measurement. If you have your Back Seam measurement you can use this table to see what the equivalent UK size would be for your horse.
Does your horse sit between two sizes?
Horse rugs go up in 3 inch intervals so you may find that your horse doesn't measure as an exact rug size, for example, 6'2 (the closest rug sizes are 6'0 or 6'3). You may also find that your horse can fit two different sizes depending on which rug brand they're wearing. 
In the above situations, we recommend you choose the smaller of the two size options for your Ponyo rug. Our rugs are true to size but come up on the more generous side, and are very adjustable at the chest. Therefore if your horse is between a 6'0 and a 6'3, we'd recommend going for the 6'0. However, this is just a suggestion and the size you go for is entirely up to you!
What's the best way to try the rug on?
Before trying on, give your horse a thorough grooming to get rid of as much dust and dirt as possible. If it's a season change, make sure to also get off as much loose hair as you can. Always try the rug on before you ride to avoid getting any sweat on the rug. When you're ready to try it on, with all labels still attached, put the rug body carefully on your horse and do up the chest fastening first, followed by the surcingles and leg straps. These may all need adjusting. You can then attach the neck piece to the rug to see how that fits. See if it fits whilst he's standing still, take him for a walk to see how he moves in it, and then allow him to put his head down to graze to make sure it's not too tight anywhere. You want to check for freedom of movement and that it isn't too tight or too loose anywhere. This all ensures the perfect fit!
What happens if the rug doesn't fit?
Despite your best efforts measuring your horse, there are the odd occasions when the rug won't fit perfectly and you realise you'll need a size larger or smaller. When trying the rug on make sure you follow the instructions above. This is very important, because we do of course offer exchanges for other sizes or full refunds, but we can only accept rugs back if they are in perfect condition, both clean and fully intact. If it doesn't fit, make sure it's clean and all parts of the rug are sent back with all of the original packaging and labels. For more detailed information, please review our Returns Policy
Travel Boot Size Guide
Please measure your horse's legs to ensure you choose the right size. We've indicated the height of horse or pony that each boot size is likely to fit, but this is a general indication only, as two horses of the same height may have slightly different length legs!
As with the rugs, please brush your horse's legs thoroughly and make sure they're clean and dry before trying the boots on. If you find the boots don't fit, but they become dirty during the try on process, we will be unable to offer a refund or exchange.