Rugging unravelled: a guide to rug weights and when to use them

Rugging unravelled: a guide to rug weights and when to use them

Rugging unravelled: a guide to rug weights and when to use them

Rugging can be a tricky business, but you’re in safe hands with Ponyo Horsewear and our horse rug guide. We get it – there are so many rug options out there, especially if you have a growing collection of Ponyo patterns, and with all the terminology involved – lightweight, heavyweight, no fill and the rest – it can get confusing.

So let’s take a look at common types of rug available and what they’re used for.

Horse rug guide: turnouts

Turnout rugs come with varying amounts of “fill” – essentially, this refers to how thick they are. This is determined by the weight, and this can range from 0g for a rug with no fill at all, right up to 400g and more. 

Most brands will offer lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight options, but here at Ponyo we want to give you maximum choice to help you cover all bases. That’s why we offer no fewer than five different weight options, so you’ll always find one that is right for your horse. 

It also gives you the option to layer your rugs, giving greater flexibility to tailor your rugging more specifically to your horse – after all, every horse or pony is unique.

> 0g – a no-fill, very lightweight sheet offering protection from the elements without extra warmth

> 50g – a lightweight rug with a very low level of fill, for horses who need just a tiny bit of added warmth

> 100g – a standard lightweight rug to give your horse a protective layer against chilly weather

> 250g – a medium weight rug offering a good amount of warmth and protection, ideal for clipped horses

> 400g – a heavyweight rug to keep your horse cosy in winter no matter how far the mercury drops

But don’t forget that no matter what weight of rug you use, your horse won’t stay warm and comfortable if he isn’t dry – or if he has torn a hole in his clothing. Luckily, this isn’t something you have to worry about with Ponyo Horsewear

Horse rugs are rated in denier, usually starting at around 600D. The higher the denier count, the higher the thread weave and the more durable the rug should be. And all of Ponyo’s turnouts, no matter what the weight, are crafted with a 1200D ripstop outer shell. 

Not only does this make the rugs waterproof and breathable, thus keeping your horse dry at all times, it also means that even serial rug-rippers will have a hard time destroying their Ponyo rug. In fact, we like to think we’ve achieved the holy grail of rugging. You’re welcome. 

Horse rug guide: stable rugs

It’s easy to assume that stabled horses will automatically stay warmer than those out in the field, but actually the opposite is often true. Horses in a stable are less able to generate their own heat from movement, so it’s important to keep them warm indoors. 

As with turnouts, stable rugs tend to come in lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight varieties. Having various options at your fingertips is ideal, to give you maximum flexibility.

> 100g – a lightweight stable rug to protect horses against the chill

> 250g – a mediumweight stable rug, useful for clipped horses or those who feel the cold

> 300g – a heavyweight stable rug to keep horses toasty in bitter temperatures 

Horse rug guide: neck covers

When it comes to dressing your horse appropriately, whether for the stable or outdoors, it’s all about options and flexibility, and this is where neck covers come in. 

It’s worth remembering that horses tend to lose the most heat from the rump, chest and shoulder areas, so a neck cover is not always necessary. However, for clipped horses, or in wet and windy conditions, your horse will thank you for giving him the extra protection. 

Some rugs come with fixed neck covers, but a detachable option will give you greater flexibility and allow you to decide whether it is needed or not. And don’t worry, they don’t need to come at extra expense – Ponyo’s detachable neck covers come with every turnout and stable rug as standard, in a matching fill weight.

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